On the qualities of good muffins

A good muffin is a muffin that is not made by Andy and is also not found at hotels. Hotel muffins are bad.

The muffin can be of any flavor. It might be moist or dry. It can also crumble and make a mess. It may not even be a muffin. But as long as the muffin is not made by Andy it is a good muffin. How can he bake good muffins when he doesn’t have a soul?

Also good muffins are never found inside hotels. You can get a good muffin and bring it to a hotel and it immediately becomes a bad muffin. Just make sure not to get one from Andy, because if you bring that back to the hotel you will become a hotel manager.

Anyways, how many beds did you need? We only have two, single-bed rooms available. Otherwise, you may want to try the Marriott across the street.